Who Are You, Really?

November 13, 2007 on 7:28 pm | In Books, metaphysical, Spring Forest Qigong | No Comments

This book has the best explanation I’ve ever read of energy channels and energy flows in Part 2:Experiencing Energy with chapters on Infinite Energy, The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart, and Transcending the Tendency to Close.

I loved the chapter titled “Removing Your Inner Thorn.” We put together such elaborate protection mechanisms when it would be easier to face the pain, deal with it, and move on.

Chakra Test

October 3, 2007 on 7:05 pm | In metaphysical | No Comments

Take the Chakra Test to find out if your chakras are under-active, open, or over-active.

Sacred Geometry: Free Mandala Templates

July 26, 2007 on 2:22 pm | In metaphysical | No Comments

Wow – this site has some awesome templates for mandala coloring books. Pretty paintings, too! CG: Sacred Geometry: Free Mandala Templates

Vitruvian Man

July 23, 2007 on 9:59 am | In metaphysical | No Comments

Good article on the Leonardo da Vinci drawing of the Vitruvian Man – aiwaz.net

Can Our Intentions Influence Reality?

June 17, 2007 on 10:03 am | In metaphysical, Positive psychology | No Comments

Yesterday we received a paperback edition of The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart. The book describes some practical methods for learning to focus your intention. One that I like involves trying to get your child to do the dishes – now there is something that has immediate value for me! They are performing group experiments over the web where they try to get thousands of people to focus their intention on changing reality somewhere else, with the eventual goal of changing reality in a positive way. It should be interesting to see how this develops…

Sleep is the best meditation

April 11, 2007 on 11:14 am | In lucid dreaming, metaphysical | No Comments

The Dalai Lama said that “Sleep is the best meditation, not for nirvana, but for survival.” I haven’t tried Yoga for Insomnia, but this sounds like something worth checking out. Maybe it would help with lucid dreaming. Last night I tried chanting before going to sleep, using the Tantra of Sound cd. It seemed harder to fall asleep, but maybe that’s because of the Stress Rehearsal coming up in May.

IONS – Research: psi Games . . . Garden of Dreams, Journey to Wild Divine

March 14, 2007 on 7:09 am | In metaphysical | No Comments

IONS – Research: psi Games . . . Garden of Dreams, Journey to Wild Divine has games where you can practice your psi ability. These games were created by Dean Radin. Sadly, the games are temporarily offline. Check back there later.

How to believe

January 1, 2007 on 12:01 am | In metaphysical | No Comments

Do not believe what you have heard. Do not believe in tradition because it is handed down many generations. Do not believe in anything that has been spoken of many times. Do not believe because the written statements come from some old sage. Do not believe in conjecture. Do not believe in authority or teachers or elders. But after careful observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and it will benefit one and all, then accept it and live by it. — Buddha

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