Using logging for debugging

August 19, 2007 on 7:13 am | In Computers | No Comments

Using logging for debugging – Guidelines from the Redhat Web Application Developer documentation.


August 17, 2007 on 3:23 pm | In Computers | No Comments

I’ve been playing around with the Ubuntu linux. This site has a helpful guide – Ubuntu:Feisty and here is another one – Ubuntu Server Installation with VMWare Server.


August 13, 2007 on 11:02 am | In Computers | No Comments

Open Medical Records System is helping AIDS-stricken africans administer to patients, using open source tools and a flexible concept dictionary:Dictionary 101 – OpenMRS

Ban the badbots!

August 13, 2007 on 10:42 am | In Computers | No Comments

Ban the badbots!

Touchscreen Toolkit

August 6, 2007 on 2:37 pm | In Computers | No Comments

This site has tools for making html accessible via touch screen: Baobab Health Partnership » Touchscreen Toolkit Documentation

konfabulieren » lotsa Notes

March 11, 2007 on 3:51 pm | In Computers | No Comments

konfabulieren » blogs-i-enjoy This guy has a whole bunch of lotus notes rss feeds. He wrote a Word Press plugin to Spread Internet Explorer as a joke.

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