Sleep is the best meditation

April 11, 2007 on 11:14 am | In lucid dreaming, metaphysical | No Comments

The Dalai Lama said that “Sleep is the best meditation, not for nirvana, but for survival.” I haven’t tried Yoga for Insomnia, but this sounds like something worth checking out. Maybe it would help with lucid dreaming. Last night I tried chanting before going to sleep, using the Tantra of Sound cd. It seemed harder to fall asleep, but maybe that’s because of the Stress Rehearsal coming up in May.

A Fool’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming

March 14, 2007 on 8:14 pm | In lucid dreaming | No Comments

A Fool’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming
“Until you have accumulated sufficient experience at testing the boundaries of dream reality, and overcoming inhibitions from waking life, then you are likely to misinterpret situations and overlook chances to try something new.” Lynne Levitan writes about irrational thoughts and actions from lucid dreams, but this advice could apply to waking life as well.

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