Why We Don’t Not Believe Nothing We Don’t Hear

October 17, 2007 on 3:08 pm | In Positive psychology | No Comments

The Washington Post published an article last month saying that FactCheck.org is reinforcing false beliefs by repeating them as part of their debunking process. Today FactCheck responded with a full article – FactCheck.org: Cognitive Science and FactCheck.org, or Why We Still Do What We Do that does a great job of explaining some of the dangers in not evaluating incoming information for truthfulness or accuracy. It reminds me of what Jerry Mandler says in about how we allow the images from television to stream unedited into our brains.

Questions You Should Never Ask a Writer

October 13, 2007 on 7:06 am | In Coolstuff | No Comments

This New York Times Op Ed piece was originally written by Doris Lessing in the early 90’s as communism was collapsing. Questions You Should Never Ask a Writer talks about the lingering effects of the language that crept into thought processes without anyone being aware of what was happening. I’ve never thought of “political correctness” being a communist idea from the former Soviet Union. Some of the other behaviors are the same, too…

A Campaign for Forgiveness Research

October 8, 2007 on 8:25 am | In Coolstuff | No Comments

A Campaign for Forgiveness Research contains study results showing how powerful forgiveness is for our health.

Chakra Test

October 3, 2007 on 7:05 pm | In metaphysical | No Comments

Take the Chakra Test to find out if your chakras are under-active, open, or over-active.

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