Why We Don’t Not Believe Nothing We Don’t Hear

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The Washington Post published an article last month saying that FactCheck.org is reinforcing false beliefs by repeating them as part of their debunking process. Today FactCheck responded with a full article – FactCheck.org: Cognitive Science and FactCheck.org, or Why We Still Do What We Do that does a great job of explaining some of the dangers in not evaluating incoming information for truthfulness or accuracy. It reminds me of what Jerry Mandler says in about how we allow the images from television to stream unedited into our brains.


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Some people I know are really good at coaching. My perfectionist family was not, so I’m having to learn how from other people who are willing to share the information. This guy came highly recommended by Bill Harris, from Centerpointe , so I’m going to give this a try on a few things: Coach-Two-Win.

Can Our Intentions Influence Reality?

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Yesterday we received a paperback edition of The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart. The book describes some practical methods for learning to focus your intention. One that I like involves trying to get your child to do the dishes – now there is something that has immediate value for me! They are performing group experiments over the web where they try to get thousands of people to focus their intention on changing reality somewhere else, with the eventual goal of changing reality in a positive way. It should be interesting to see how this develops…

Happiness Hypothesis

April 19, 2007 on 9:37 am | In Books, Positive psychology | Comments Off on Happiness Hypothesis

Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom

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